The main objective of the Action is to create a Web infrastructure which will enable a de-localized community of experts in the humanities to work together and to publish their results on the Web and to develop an advanced e-learning system for graduate students and young researchers.

In order to reach these aims, the Action envisages the development of the nationally funded project HyperNietzsche as a model-oriented system directed toward three objectives:

  1. The final realisation of HyperNietzsche as a model of an IT research infrastructure. The development of the system will be accompanied by work on editions, transcriptions of Nietzsche’s manuscripts and correspondence as well as publication of critical essays and other scholarly contributions. Working simultaneously on these two tasks will produce, on the one hand, an IT infrastructure which responds effectively to the needs of actual users, and will, on the other hand, demonstrate to the community of Nietzsche specialists how this new work instrument can be used effectively.

  2. Preparatory work for the generalisation of the Hyper-Learning model to other authors. This includes the writing of a complete documentation of the procedures implemented by the model, the organisation of conferences presenting the project, brainstorming workshops with interested scientific communities as well as training for researchers beginning to apply the model to other authors. A design of the IT structure of a Hyper- Learning Network, which would enable the interoperability of the various Hyper-Learning Platforms, will complete the Action with a tangible benefit able to be generalized at national, European and international levels.  

  3. The development and implementation in HyperNietzsche of a critical e-learning system for higher education featuring personalised logins according to level of competence, learning paths, dynamic learning contextualisation, virtual classes, multimedia lessons, contextualised forum/chats, etc... This system will be realised in the context of a new pedagogical paradigm based on a dynamic ontology and will set new technological standards: Hyper-Learning.





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